This site is a personal repository of rough notes about writing for novels and the screen, hence its work-in-progress nature. Notes are heavily influenced by the work of Blake Snyder, Robert McKee and James Scott Bell. This is a slow, long-term project, hence incomplete notes and lack of design.

It is at the Midpoint Moment that transformational questions arise in the conscience of the viewpoint character. Common transformational questions include:

Alien: Covenant (2017)

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American Gangster (2007)

At the exact midpoint, Detective Richie Roberts notices Frank Lucas in his "$50,000 chinchilla coat" and identifies him as Bumpy Johnson's former driver and protege. Invisible Frank has died and Known Criminal Frank is now in the spotlight. In the next shot, Frank "looks into the mirror" as he stares at that same coat, which he has just thrown into the fireplace.

Contact (1997)

The Film's Main Theme: The battle between faith and science/reason.

At the midpoint of this film, we find Ellie Arroway and Palmer Joss attending a Washington, D.C. reception, having been reunited in the previous scene. They compliment each other on appearances.

I read your book

Here we go.

Would you like me to quote you? 'Ironically, the thing that people are most hungry for, meaning, is the one thing science hasn't been able to give them.'

Yeah... yeah.

Come on. It's like you're saying science killed god. What if science revealed he never existed in the first place?

An all powerful god that...

I don't know. I couldn't imagine a world where god didnt' exist.

How do you know you're not deluding yourself? For me, I'd need proof."


He stares at her intently.

Did you love your father?


Your dad... did you love him?

Why, yes... I loved him very much.

Prove it.

Ellie's beeper goes off.


Palmer's beeper beeps.

The White House.

What happened?

You were right all along

has finally paid off

and obtained exclusively by CNN

President has called an emergency meeting.

Yeah... I imagine he would.

Iron Man 3 2013

At the exact midpoint of the film, Iron Man, having been bested by an opponent in a fierce, kinetic battle, lays in the rubble of his destroyed Malibu pad, stunned as he stares at Iron Patriot glaring back at him. The powerful visual we get of these two demigods facing off at the exact midpoint of the story is another example of Bell's "mirror moment". In this case, Tony Stark looks into the virtual mirror image of himself as reflected by Iron Patriot.

Body of Lies

CIA Officer Roger Ferris has done it now. As the head of the Jordanian foreign post, he has lost the trust of Hani Salaam when Ed Hoffman's subterfuge creates havoc. After a CIA attempt to [incomplete], destroying the only chance of [incomplete]

Hani Salaam: "Marwan show you the burning house? Do you know what happened?"

Roger Ferris: "I have absolutely no idea."

"You see, you could have said yes or no. When a man says more than yes or no, then I begin to wonder."

"I don't know what happened Hani.

"Listen to me..."

"I told you to never to lie to me."

"He did not know."

"When I want to hear from you, I will speak to you. Now I'm talking to Mr. Ferris. So, in as few words as possible, did you know what happened?"

"You have twelve hours to leave Jordan."

"You knew you needed to adapt to this environment."

Incomplete notes.

Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

Christian: "You look different."

Anastasia: "I feel different."

The old Anastasia has "died", the midpoint transformation has occurred. He texts her. She reviews, then signs, the binding terms of the dominant-submissive contract.

Kingsman (2015)

The midpoint of this film is a "literal" example of Bell's mirror moment... the viewpoint character looks into an actual mirror